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Milwaukie Heating & Cooling: Transforming Comfort in Clackamas County


Milwaukie Heating & Cooling has been a trusted name in HVAC services for residents of Clackamas County, Oregon, for over two decades. This case study examines how the company has consistently delivered exceptional air conditioning solutions to homeowners in Clackamas, Happy Valley, West Linn, Lake Oswego, and Oregon City.

The Challenge

In the summer of 2022, Clackamas County experienced an unprecedented heatwave, with temperatures soaring above 100°F for several days. This extreme weather event put immense strain on existing air conditioning systems and highlighted the need for reliable HVAC services in the area.

The Solution

Milwaukie Heating & Cooling responded to the crisis by:

  • Increasing their team of certified technicians to handle the surge in service calls
  • Extending their operating hours to accommodate emergency AC repairs
  • Offering priority scheduling for vulnerable residents, such as the elderly and those with health conditions
  • Stocking up on essential parts and equipment to minimize wait times for repairs and installations


The company’s proactive approach allowed them to address the community’s needs efficiently:

1. AC Repair: Technicians were dispatched to homes across the county, diagnosing and repairing faulty air conditioning units within 24 hours of receiving a call.

2. Air Conditioning Installation: For homes with outdated or irreparable systems, Milwaukie Heating & Cooling offered expedited installation services, often completing projects within 48 hours.

3. AC Service: The company initiated a campaign to educate homeowners about the importance of regular maintenance, offering discounted tune-ups to prevent future breakdowns.

4. HVAC Installation: In new construction projects across Happy Valley and West Linn, the company worked closely with contractors to install energy-efficient HVAC systems, ensuring long-term comfort and cost savings for homeowners.


Milwaukie Heating & Cooling’s efforts during the heatwave yielded impressive results:

– Serviced over 500 homes in Clackamas County within a two-week period
– Achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate based on post-service surveys
– Reduced average response time for emergency calls to under 3 hours
– Completed 50 new HVAC installations in Lake Oswego and Oregon City
– Increased their customer base by 30% through word-of-mouth referrals


By prioritizing customer needs and maintaining high standards of service, Milwaukie Heating & Cooling solidified its position as the go-to HVAC provider in Clackamas County. Their ability to adapt to challenging circumstances and deliver reliable solutions has set a new benchmark for air conditioning services in the region.

As climate change continues to impact weather patterns, the company remains committed to helping residents stay comfortable and safe through innovative HVAC solutions and exceptional customer service.